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.puters-and-Technology Technology has shaped the structure of the modern world. From the age old signaling techniques to the cutting edge technology of the present time, we have evolved and alongside the things evolved. Mobile networking is almost 3 decades old and in this short span of time, this technology has reached the maximum in years. Now a recent study has revealed that almost two thirds of the people all over the world use mobile technology. It is handy, effective and at the same time it is cool. The attractive handsets and smart phones are ruling the tech world. In the mist of these, another popular concept that got generated is MVNO technology or mobile virtual network operator. This is a service that can be regarded as wireless .munication. This one does not have their own wireless operators, but this one enters into the business by signing an agreement with a network operator taking bulk network services. MVNO, they can use the network and distribute to the customers and they can also have their own billing and other such systems. There are many .panies that provide MVNO consulting services to the different .panies and organizations all over the world. These MVNO consulting services are very popular among the clients all over the world and there are many .panies that are providing such services to customers but the finest in the business is the Mobilise Consulting. Mobilise Consulting has been very successful in recent years in providing the finest services in the business. There are several services that the .pany provides and some of them are as follows .petitive Analysis MNO negotiations support Systems training and support Proposition management Margin analysis Business Plan creation Product development These are some of the services that the .pany provides to the customers. This .pany has been providing quality services to 6 MVNO .panies worldwide and has been very successful in doing so. These services are very essential for the .panies because the network sector is very broad and there are always some or the other cases where support is required and that is when the .pany provides the services so that the business can be resumed. As a new technology, this has been a revolution as there are many MVNO .panies all over the world. The numbers of .panies that are providing these MVNO technology services are increasing every day and there are many customers who are using these services. It will raise more in the .ing 2 years as the number of people using mobile phones will increase drastically in the .ing years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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