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Home-and-Family The professional carpet cleaning industry has been marred by the bad reputations of some .panies, but that does not mean that every .pany is out to trick you. The majority of carpet cleaners are genuine people running a real business in order to provide a high quality service and earn a living. As every home needs a professional steam clean at least once a year, finding an honest, reliable and transparent carpet cleaning .pany is essential. To help you spot the rose amongst the thorns, here are a few well known false advertising scams to keep a look out for. Cheapest rates Some carpet cleaning .panies do genuinely have the best carpet cleaning rates in their area, but these will seem realistic. If you have seen .panies advertising the lowest rates at just a few pence or pounds, the phrase, too good to be true should spring to mind immediately. This type of scam, known as bait and switch, is where carpet cleaners offer bargain rates than add on loads of extras once in your home. In many cases the technicians will employ very aggressive sales techniques to make consumers feel like they have to pay the additional costs. The original price set is never what you end up paying so make sure you get a genuine quote before going ahead and check that the quote is the full price. Best carpet cleaning If the carpet cleaners states that they can offer the best cleaning results they must use the steam cleaning technique. Other methods of carpet cleaning are available such as dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning but these are unable to produce the best results. They are unable to remove dirt and contaminants from the base of your carpet, leaving the carpet with the appearance of being clean on the surface. Before you book an appointment, ask the carpet cleaning .pany which method they use and why they think it is the best. If they use high quality steam cleaning equipment known as a hot water extraction machine, they should be able to provide some of the best cleaning results. Treatments Most of the time carpets dont desperately need additional treatments, only in exceptional circumstances might you need to have a pre-treatment if the carpet is damaged. However, some carpet cleaners will insist on applying lots of treatments and so on in order to bump up the price of your cleaning. If you dont want these, simply inform the cleaner you are only looking for a standard steam clean. If they dont back down, move on. You want a carpet cleaning .pany that can respect its customers by being .pletely open with them, dont fall for .panies with smooth sales tactics as they are probably trying to cover something up. Any genuine .pany should be happy to honestly answer any questions you have about the process and pricing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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