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Real-Estate We are known in Dubai as the Palm Island specialists, having dealt with these fantastic manmade islands since they were launched by Nakheel a few years ago. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a nice little mansion by the sea with the height of luxury, then here’s some Dubai real estate that you should take notice of. Palm Jumeirah’s and Palm Jebel Ali signature villas, garden homes, garden villas, water homes and shoreline apartments are the fastest moving properties on the local market here at the moment, with many fantastic investments for the high net worth individual. They may not be what everyone wants, they probably aren’t what a lot of people can afford, but to all those investors that like the idea of living on an island in a really big house (I’m guessing most), then read on as we will give you a taster of what is out there. The Palm Jumeirah, phase one of the Palm trilogy is located just off the beach after the Burj Al Arab (large hotel that looks like a sail) in the up market Jumeirah area and is already home to the residents of fully .pleted sections, these are called fronds. If you have seen the pictures of the fronds, you would probably think its just rows upon rows of bland houses stuck together to maximize the numbers, however, upon closer inspection it’s not really so as all the properties have a unique look or theme to them. Sure, there are quite a few houses but it is a really big tree shaped island and a one of a kind top notch address. Remember though that each of the signature villas .es with a private swimming pool and, best of all, private beach for all you sea lovers. Also keep in mind that the land area for each villa is much larger than the area for the house which is called built up area, meaning looks can be deceiving and you actually get more space than you would think. So if you have a plot of 13,000 square feet, and your house takes up 8,000 square feet, you still have a good 5,000 square feet of garden to play around with as you wish with features such as barbeque area, kids play ground and the like. There is a huge gap between demand and supply of villas on the Dubai property market now, it’s no wonder that the signature villas on the palm have been so popular. They have the name signature’ because owners can choose the fixtures and fittings of the house according to their tastes some of which we will list below to give you examples, and there are so many different exteriors to choose from too, your house is nothing like your next door neighbours’, which of course you would expect when you are paying top dollar like this. A variety of these different styles are available on our site, if you click here. Dubai Real Estate investment is a difficult decision no matter how much experience you have in the market, no matter where you buy and the best way to get the right property is to find out as much information as you can beforehand with research. Since these signature villas are, for the most part, finished, why not go take a look and judge for yourself with a drive out to the Palm, which can be arranged by us on a VIP tour. Any good real estate broker should always advise you to explore all your options before buying, especially in the Dubai property market because it is so new, and we certainly do! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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