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Domestic shipping giant into a zombie companies: debt over 8 billion bankruptcy – financial Sohu after South Korea’s largest shipping Hanjin Shipping in August to enter bankruptcy protection after the shipping industry continued to "cold" has affected the domestic shipping enterprises. Recently, there is news that Zhejiang ocean shipping Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang ocean) has declared bankruptcy. The state-owned shipping enterprises belonging to the Zhejiang Provincial Communications Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang trading), which is the third shipping platform "accident", not long ago, Zhejiang’s Taizhou Trading Co. Ltd., Wenzhou Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd. continued traced into bankruptcy procedures. October 28th, the daily economic news reporter went to Zhejiang ocean and its parent company to understand the situation in Zhejiang. The responsible person said, Zhejiang province to clean up the "zombie" enterprises, further clear overcapacity policy requirements, since March this year, with the consent of the government of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Zhejiang, Wenzhou trading on ocean shipping and Taizhou shipping the bankruptcy liquidation of 3 companies; at the same time, retain its Zhejiang Province as the waterway shipping group Zhejiang province ocean plate reorganization platform and strategic reserve forces. 5 years in the expansion of the depth of the loss of the "daily economic news" reporter learned that in October 18, 2016, Zhejiang ocean shipping company management to insolvent and unable to repay debts, but there is no possibility by reforming, settlement or other settlement, to the Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s court for a ruling declaring the bankruptcy of Zhejiang ocean. October 25th, Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court issued a ruling on the bankruptcy of Zhejiang ocean, declaring bankruptcy. After the Hangzhou intermediate people’s court found that: as of the first meeting of the first meeting of the Zhejiang ocean creditors, a total of 14 creditors to declare the creditor’s rights, declared a total of $10 billion 980 million of claims, are ordinary claims. As of July 28, 2016, the date of bankruptcy, Zhejiang ocean assets amounted to 5 billion 150 million yuan, total liabilities of $8 billion 450 million, the owner’s equity of -33 billion yuan. October 28th afternoon, the reporter went to the Hangzhou city is located in the ocean Qingchun Road, 20 storey building located in Zhejiang ocean, a staff member said that at present the company has entered the final accounting procedures, the court appointed management personnel have been stationed in Zhejiang ocean, and the workers work allocation, asset disposal and debt management is still in progress; because of the transaction is more complicated, temporarily to an interview with reporters. Public information, Zhejiang ocean was founded in 1980, is part of Zhejiang, Zhejiang is currently the largest shipping companies. Daily economic news reporter noted that as early as in 2010, Zhejiang ocean expansion through the expansion of capacity doubled, in one fell swoop leapt to the forefront of China’s shipping industry. However, the ensuing industry downturn, making Zhejiang ocean deep debt crisis. Zhejiang ocean bankruptcy is not a case. From a macro point of view, the global economy continues to slump, the global shipping industry are not good, the depth of the industry chain integration are carried out." Zhou Dequan, director of the Shanghai International Shipping Research Center of the domestic shipping research, China Shipping boom index preparation room, said, from the actual case, many shipping companies short-term blind.相关的主题文章:

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