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City Center, the construction of the pilot model suitable for the old community — real estate — according to the "Regulations" Beijing home-based care services requirements, housing construction, land planning, civil affairs and other related departments were identified suitable old community construction mode. In the city’s Forum on the construction of facilities for the elderly, prior to the convening of the meeting, the Municipal Construction Committee official said, the city will be clear in the Beijing city center pilot construction of the duty to live together, many generations live together, the combination of medical care and continuous care model suitable for the old community ", and incorporated into the city of affordable housing construction category. SASAC stock property for pension will diversification in getting the municipal state-owned property stock resources, the SASAC will guide with the intention of state-owned enterprises through various management, carry out home-based care services with ease vacate housing land resources. It is understood that the municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in the pension service work has not been part of the development of the pension industry will also have. SASAC will build a platform for the enterprise, through the development of enterprise alliance, pension forum, provide opportunities for enterprises in cooperation. City planning and land authority for land idle housing endowment enterprise can enjoy preferential to revitalize the stock of land for pension services, land planning departments have established the corresponding policies. It is understood that, in line with the premise of planning, has been built in the residential area to increase the construction of non-profit pension service facilities area, without increasing the price of land. In addition, enterprises and institutions, individuals on the city’s existing idle factories, schools, community housing, such as the transformation and utilization, the establishment of pension services. Approved by the planning changes in the use of temporary functions in the construction of non-profit pension services and continuous operation for more than one year, five years can not increase the annual rent or land income difference. Municipal Construction Committee will be completed before the end of the six districts of the pilot district elevator installation of old residential buildings without barrier facilities transformation, home care services is an important hardware security. Municipal Construction Committee official said, the six areas of the city plan to determine the pilot project conforms to the transformation of the conditions before the end of September, before the end of the completion of the pilot project with elevator. In addition, the Municipal Construction Committee will also promote compliance with the conditions of low-cost old families Yingbaojinbao other aging families apply for low-income housing to shorten the average waiting time for 1 years. At the same time to support the elderly with adult children living nearby, this year in Daxing high Midian 3 public rental housing pilot project "elderly families and families with children nearby housing", to provide support for the aged residents. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:

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