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Video-Conferencing They had the right idea in the movie Up in the Air – maintain a fairly personal relationship, cut down your travel costs immensely, increase productivity and stay on the forefront of business technology. While firing people over the internet seems a bit harsh, meeting them on a video-chat as a follow-up to your sales meeting isn’t harsh at all… in fact it’s smart! And necessary! Your growing business has enough going on already so you don’t have time to worry about your employees being m.i.a. while they are traveling to and from meetings. Video conferencing is the best solution for staying connected to your team. How do you choose the best conference calling platform from the vast array of choices available? That’s where we come in. has the best video, web and audio conference choices all available to you at a more than affordable rate. Jim Butler , the CEO and Founder of says this about using conference call services, "You are ensured up to date technology which allows you the ability to manage the dynamics of the call to allow greater synergy between the moderator and participators." Don’t have enough knowledge yet to manage a call? Don’t worry – all of Telechoice partners provide personalized service, including personal and ongoing training so you stay abreast of all the latest tips and tools of audio and video conferencing. We have tested and tried out these services to make sure you have the best solutions possible. What are you waiting for? Get the same benefit of a face-to-face meeting through video conferencing and screen sharing. Find all about Telechoice solutions at ..telechoice.. or call: 1.888.735.3535 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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