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Cook: Apple will set up R & D center –IT– original title in Shenzhen: Apple will set up R & D center of Apple Corp CEO Tim in Shenzhen? Cook recently announced that the company will set up R & D center in Shenzhen China, this will be the second R & D centers set up in Chinese apple. Apple said it would be happy to set up a new R & D center next year, saying it will help engineer team more closely, but also conducive to cooperation with manufacturing partners". After the end of September, Apple was established in Beijing Zhongguancun science and Technology Park in Chinese, the first direct investment in R & D center. The R & D center is committed to the development of computer software and hardware, communications, audio and video equipment, consumer electronics technology and information technology and other advanced technologies, the number of employees will reach 500. Apple said the Shenzhen R & D center and Beijing R & D center are committed to strengthening the relationship between apple and regional partners and universities to support the development of talent. Apple has issued a statement in August this year, said it would set up a new R & D center in china. Analysts believe that the company in a move aimed at reversing the decline in sales Chinese market trend, the new R & D center helps to shorten the distance with consumers Chinese R & D team, but also help apple and Chinese technology enterprises in the future to further cooperation. Apple’s third quarter sales in Greater China revenue fell 33%, a decline of 26% in the previous quarter. (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)相关的主题文章:

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