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Food-and-Drink Of all the cartoon characters which have stayed with us for ages, Mickey Mouse will probably be the most heartfelt and close to our hearts. This is the reason why Mickey is found everywhere, in toys, books, watches and of course cakes. A Mickey Mouse cake and a Minnie Mouse cake are equally popular in the eyes of kids because it is a cake which brings them closer to their favorite two cartoon characters. The smile on Mickeys face and the mischievous look in his eyes are replicated in the cakes and makes children feel that it Mickey who is saying hello to them via a cake. Children love cartoon characters and love to be interactive with them. As a character, Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular and oldest cartoon characters that people have had the privilege to interact with. So it is not surprising that Mickey on a cake would be highly popular among kids as well. Kids birthdays are occasions where Mickey reigns over as a popular cake mascot. Mickey Mouse cakes and kids birthdays go hand in hand, particularly because the expressions on Mickeys face are perfect as a happy and cheery expression, lighting up the party like never before! A Mickey Mouse cake or a Minnie Mouse cake can have a variety of tastes and the more the variations, the better it is for people. Some of the most .mon flavors include chocolate and vanilla with some gorgeous colors and beautiful designs. There are also other flavors like strawberry, pineapple and more kid friendly flavors. The good thing about a Mickey Mouse or a Minnie Mouse cake is that a chocolate Mickey or Minnie can be placed on the cake and various such other design tricks can be employed to make the cake look more attractive to kids who are in love with both the characters. As far as the design and looks of a Mickey Mouse cake or a Minnie Mouse cake is concerned, it could be anything creative with the faces of them two. A Mickey or a Minnie figure on the top of the cake is a .mon trope which is employed by a number of cake shops. Occasionally, a large face of Mickey or Minnie is the entire cake itself, everything from the ears to the nose made of chocolate so that the young ones can g.e into it. There is another kind of a design where the cake is a flat one and features of Mickeys or Minnies face are drawn on the cake. No extravagant figures or anything, simple artistic way via which features of Mickey or Minnies respective faces are drawn. Such cakes look prettier and ensure that as a whole, the cake reeks of features of two of cartoon worlds favorite characters. Mickey or Minnie mouse cakes must be ordered beforehand as they do take a lot of time to be made properly, given all the processes involved. But once they arrive, the tone is set for a celebration, much like what these two characters do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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