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Capital chain bearing Boland department or holdings Vanke newspaper news (reporter Sun Jie) deadlocked for more than one month of "Bao Wan dispute, or attack can reduce the turning of noble. Vanke A recently released to continue the suspension announcement, said the company restructuring related work to promote. Vanke said that the company currently has a potential counterparty signed a non binding letter of intent to cooperate, at the same time, in addition to continuing negotiations with the potential counterparties, negotiations and consultations with other potential rivals still. At the same time, the continued downturn in the stock market fell, also can let the treasure Department of capital chain pressure, may be forced to continue to spread the news Holdings vanke. Since December 18th last year, Vanke A emergency suspension eighth times so far, Vanke has issued suspension or to continue the suspension notice. Resumption time from the initial estimate of January 18, 2016, postponed to March 18th, or even June 18th. Vanke management by means of suspension against Boland, formed no small pressure on the latter. Some analysts said the treasure can the tens of billions of funds can only be fast, can not fight a protracted war, without other tricks, just can make the long-term suspension can outlast the treasure. There are reports that the treasure to the actual control of the Department of Yao Zhenhua has decided to reduce part of Vanke, China Vanke agreed to give up the position of major shareholders, as a financial investor. According to the analysis, the treasure can move behind reason is the capital chain tight. In January 18th this year, CCTV reported the treasure Department of capital chain tight, the Bank of the treasure to further tighten lending, bancassurance is also shrinking, it can lead to treasure Department funds more serious. Vanke in the high price of the suspension reorganization plan, but the A shares have slumped recently. After the resumption, the treasure Department of Vanke stock holdings as a blessing or a curse, concern. In some industry insiders, now treasure in a very awkward position, also may face greater losses; and the potential disk access, will also face the risk of price fluctuations and reputation risk. As of 2015 year 12 month 18 day, Vanke in the total share capital, treasure can hold 24.26%, China Resources Group Holdings 15.29%, Ampang insurance holding 6.18%, the representative of China Vanke partner Jinpeng information management plans to hold 4.14%, Germany won the No. 1 information management plans to hold 2.06%. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

资金链承压 宝能系或减持万科   本报讯(记者 孙杰)僵持一月有余的“宝万之争”,或迎来宝能系减持的转折。日前万科A发布继续停牌公告,称公司重组相关工作正常推进。万科表示,目前公司已与一名潜在交易对手签署了一份不具有法律约束力的合作意向书,同时公司除与前述潜在交易对手继续谈判外,还在与其他潜在对手进行谈判和协商。与此同时,股市持续低迷的重挫,也让宝能系资金链承压,不断传出可能被迫减持万科的消息。   自去年12月18日万科A紧急停牌至今,万科已经第8次发布停牌或继续停牌公告。复牌时间也由最初预计的2016年1月18日,推迟至3月18日,甚至可能是6月18日。万科管理层利用停牌手段对抗宝能系,对后者形成了不小的压力。有分析称,宝能系的数百亿资金只能快进快出,打不了持久战,不用别的招数,光是长期停牌就能把宝能系拖垮。   有报道称,宝能系实际控制人姚振华已决定减持部分万科股份,同意放弃万科大股东的位置,定位为财务投资者。据分析,宝能系此举背后原因是资金链吃紧。今年1月18日央视报道宝能系资金链吃紧后,有关银行对宝能系的贷款进一步收紧,银保渠道也在收缩,这导致宝能系的资金更加紧张。   万科在股价高位停牌筹划重组,但A股近期遭遇暴跌。复牌后,宝能系手中持有的万科股票是福是祸,备受关注。在一些业内人士看来,现在的宝能处于十分尴尬的地位,亦有可能面临较大的投资损失;而潜在接盘者,也要面临价格波动的风险及声誉风险。   截至2015年12月18日,在万科总股本中,宝能系持有24.26%,华润集团持有15.29%,安邦保险持有6.18%,代表万科合伙人的金鹏资管计划持有4.14%,德赢1号资管计划持有2.06%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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