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Broker: is obvious advantage of the national team optimistic about its prospects hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares on stock trading clients the latest rating diagnosis simulation contest: national investment adviser at King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Zhang Yujie 85 anniversary of the establishment of the Xinhua News Agency on the occasion, the official landing A shares market. Xinhua once listed is the focus of the brokerage institutions. Societe Generale Securities, said Xinhua news agency Xinhua news agency is affiliated with the leading website, the company’s healthy development of the business, tentacles penetrate multiple fields. Currently, the Xinhua business is in transition, the mobile Internet business prospects. In addition, the company has the authority of the content resources and strong brand influence, optimistic about the prospects for the development of the company. Obvious advantages of the national team Societe Generale Securities believes that the Internet news information services continue to experience rapid growth under high barriers. Internet news information service industry is experiencing rapid development. As of June 2016, the size of online news users reached 579 million people, an increase of more than 2015 people by the end of 14 million 870 thousand. At the same time, China’s Internet users on the use of online news is 81.6%. Internet news is one of the basic applications of Internet users. Among them, the mobile Internet news is still the mainstream application to promote the development of mobile internet. In addition, the website construction and technical services have been to the stage of rapid development. In addition to the broader market, the Internet news information services with policy, content and brand three threshold. First, market access, Internet news information service website is the central focus of the news website in particular, business needs through the relevant departments for approval at the same time, the funds, the qualifications of employees and other aspects of the system have higher requirements; secondly, in terms of content, the central focus of news sites have independent news content editing rights, strong shareholder background and the professional news gathering team, can be carried out timely and authoritative coverage of major events; finally, the brand and user resources, after long-term operation, the Internet news information service website to form a user stickiness. If the new entrants can not provide a better quality of service, it is difficult to break the barriers to user resources, to absorb a huge user base. The above three points are the advantages of xinhua. Have a good growth, performance has been steadily rising trend, 2012 -2015, the company achieved total revenue of 331 million yuan, 456 million yuan, 634 million yuan, 998 million yuan, the growth rate was 19.2%, 37.53%, 39.09%, 57.35%; over the same period to achieve net profit of 136 million yuan, 167 million yuan, 188 million yuan, 262 million yuan in addition, in 2012 net profit growth rate is slightly lower than the other three year net profit growth in more than 10%, the company in 2015 net profit is increased 39.59% year-on-year. Brokerage pointed out that the company’s main business for online advertising, information services, website construction and technical services and mobile internet. At present, in the company’s various types of business, the main revenue and profit from the network theory相关的主题文章:

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