British troops and self defense forces will be the first time in the Japanese military exercises for demonophobia

The British fighter and the SDF will for the first time in the exercises Department of the first post-war data figure: RAF typhoon fighters original title: Japanese media: toward the tense situation on the peninsula on British warplanes will for the first time in a joint exercise on the reference news network reported on September 18th according to Japanese media, Japan’s defense ministry announced that 16, the British air force and Air Force fighter will from mid October to early November in Aomori Prefecture, Japan Air Self Defense Force base and the surrounding airspace for the first time three Ze held joint exercises. So far, the air self defense force has not yet carried out joint training with the United States outside the country in japan. Kyodo News Agency reported on September 17th, on the British government in January held a foreign minister and defense minister consultation (2+2, at that time the British negotiations) to send fighters went to Japan to participate in the exercise to reach a consensus. The two sides discussed the implementation of joint training period. According to the air self defense force, said the training does not include new tasks based on Japan’s security related law. In joint training, the Japanese air self defense force will be dispatched to the north side of the air force’s F-15 fighter jets and F-2 each 4. British air force will be dispatched 4 Typhoon fighter, while sending more than 150 people to participate. Japan Airlines chief of staff Sugiyama Ryuki 16, said at a press conference: "I hope that through training, improve the air self defense force’s tactical ability and promote mutual understanding with the British air force." Japan’s "Tokyo news" reported on September 17th, the air self defense force and the British air force in Aomori three Ze base and the surrounding airspace joint exercise was held for the first time. The Japanese government had previously said that does not allow (outside Japan and the United States) in the first three soldiers in Japan, the attitude of the training, and the consistency of the past government reply is worth questioning. Air self defense force has never held a joint exercise with the u.s.. The problem is the legal basis for the British held training in Japan, may be the basis for one of the Korean War armistice agreement after 1954, the United Nations and the United Nations signed agreement on the status of Japan’s "". The agreement stipulated in article fifth: "(UN) in the Japanese government’s consent, can use (Japan) U.S. military facilities." Under the agreement, the British can use the U.S. military bases and facilities in japan. But, can use is the Yokosuka naval base and Yokota airport 7 U.S. military bases and facilities, not including the three Ze base. Last January, British marines support city military barracks Schwab held a joint exercise in Okinawa county. Schwab barracks is not listed in the 7 U.S. military bases and facilities. It is the duty of the government to state the legal basis for the training of British soldiers in japan. Britain and Japan are holding a joint exercise in the context of the DPRK’s nuclear test led to the tense situation in the Korean peninsula. According to the British official said, the British air force will be sent to the main Typhoon fighter to three Ze base as a stronghold in the surrounding airspace for air combat, supply support and other joint exercises. In the British Army by 4 frame "typhoon", 3 aircraft and two tankers, and 150 to 200 officers and soldiers. British air force is scheduled to participate in joint exercises in Japan to Korea and South Korea held joint exercises.相关的主题文章:

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