Brazil women’s office during his lifetime in the casket funeral eulogy to relatives and friends

Brazil woman lying in the coffin to the office during his lifetime funeral eulogy relatives Reference News Network November 4th Taiwan media reported that the Brazil daily before the emergence of a "living funeral", open up a fresh outlook. A local woman is still safe and sound, but at the funeral home first for his own funeral and invited her friends to attend the "living funeral". This is because of her long years. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 4th, living in the northeast of Brazil Ceara state woman Lucia · Vera 14 years ago has a strange dream to find a favorite funeral home to do a quick funeral, the death of relatives and friends all invited to attend, they listen to himself in a coffin. Eulogy. Lucia was selected by the funeral home at the head of the · Paul (Paulo Arajo) refused his request, but as a result of the insistence of the end of the hall, and finally help her to help her in the end of the wish of the end of the way, in the end, she was able to help her to reach the end of the world in the hope that she will be able to reach the end of the world in the past years. Lucia’s "living funeral" in the local time November 2nd morning 9 pm at 6 pm, which lasted 9 hours, in accordance with normal procedures. Many relatives and friends, including her parents, brothers and sisters, close friends and colleagues, were invited to attend her "live farewell". After the ceremony, attended by friends together to carry the coffin parade and a photo. Lucia said, although it is a living funeral, but one of her friends was crying, so she was very touched by people.相关的主题文章:

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