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Beijing will open 8 yuan to Badaling bus tour into the public service – Sohu "the people’s daily news, November 14th WeChat Zhengwen" news, people’s daily in October 11 published a "" Beijing day "suffered" investigation report, the reporter two random experience, reveals the illegal "Beijing a tour can be blindfold, he can kill, black on black chaos. In fact, illegal tour in Beijing has run for many years, in recent years, Beijing City, the relevant departments continue to increase remediation efforts, especially this year, the municipal government for the first time the tourism market order governance into the inspection areas, and vigorously promote the comprehensive supervision of the tourism market, continue to carry out special rectification actions. However, this "problem" has always been difficult to cure. The people’s daily exposure, Beijing city departments to respond — an two block three propaganda, Beijing intends to "day" into the public service, opened to Badaling and other popular attractions of the tour bus fare is only 8 yuan. Recently, reporters from the Beijing municipal government executive meeting was informed that the future Beijing will take measures to vigorously promote snookering, resolutely combat and curb illegal tour chaos. Beijing will improve the tourism public services to facilitate tourists travel and tourism in beijing. For example: continue to carry out clear network action, continue to investigate exposure black tourism website and published by the administrative department of tourism management of Beijing tour products on the official website of the regular travel information, search and selection for tourists; Department of transportation around the the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, the Summer Palace and other famous scenic spots of traffic route. The reasonable layout of the tourist traffic, transit stations, tourist traffic service facilities, to provide convenient transportation service for tourists. According to the person in charge of the Tourism Commission said, as an important means of dispelling ", Beijing will be the" day "into the public service, opened to Badaling and other popular scenic tourist bus, specific programs are being developed. It is reported that the support of government subsidies to get off the ticket is only 8 yuan, and the location of the gate in front of the field, such as the concentration of passenger traffic. In the block, the Beijing municipal government will further improve the tourism market comprehensive regulatory initiatives, mechanisms, according to the upcoming introduction of the Beijing tourism management regulations, clarify the relevant departments and responsibilities. At the same time, the use of information means of supervision, and promote the full implementation of electronic itinerary, require the operator at the beginning of the trip before, must be provided to tourists electronic itinerary; tourist passenger vehicles shall have the corresponding qualifications, and included in the full supervision, ensure the safety specification of passenger services for tourists. At present, the city’s travel agencies and tourism passenger enterprises have begun to use the electronic travel itinerary system, visitors to scan two-dimensional code mobile phone, you can know whether they participate in a day tour is legitimate. In addition, the visitors do publicity is an important means to ensure that visitors avoid falling into the trap of illegal tour. Beijing City Tourism Commission enforcement brigade Zhu Xueqing said: Beijing will continue to use the mobile phone SMS platform, the Internet, radio and television and newspapers and other media, multi-channel, all-round and normalized for visitors to provide regular day propaganda reminder service. In the main transport hub in and out相关的主题文章:

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