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Apple launched the ReplayKit Live, want to access is not so simple! Sohu technology, according to the China Internet development statistics report shows that the size of China’s Internet users reached 325 million, accounting for the overall Internet users of 45.8%. In the broadcast content accounted for 16.5% of the game live, has been the focus of attention of the user. Have a dominant position in the market Chinese apple, the iOS system of the game live, has always been the most worry about game player. If you want to push the screen information, you must use the actual or virtual AirPlay signal, which caused a lot of inconvenience to the anchor. But in iOS 10 push, developers surprised to find the ReplayKit Live function, has been able to allow third party applications for live video, recording and other functions. Now iOS 10, ReplayKit API can make a picture of the game from the iPhone game player will be transmitted directly to the broadcast platform, while using the device’s microphone and camera their video and audio commentary superimposed on the screen, playing games and live seamlessly. Such a simple operation, will give birth to a large number of UGC content. New opportunities for broadcast platform broadcast platform, the biggest problem is lack of content, a lot of content and the birth of the ReplayKit Live function, is broadcast platform to extricate from predicament of a medicine. At the same time, the contents of the tour around the hand tour, live platform to the game and the game experience to explore the distribution of the game, more rich in their own profit model. But at the technical level, the ReplayKit platform for the development of the Live function, there is imagination so simple? First of all, the apple system provides separate game audio and microphone two-way audio acquisition, and the callback time interval and two-way audio data format is not the same, so the audio synthesis has become a problem, in addition the system provides two-way audio description information, and in memory organization and does not match the phenomenon, voice encoding to push the flow is not normal, not normal play. Finally, there is a risk of Crash in the iOS 10 Extensions video encoder. Hand travel vendors in the traditional channels of new ecological decline today, hand travel vendors are in urgent need of new channels and experience. Hot broadcast industry, ReplayKit Live features will be the future development of hand travel essential functions. Game player through the ReplayKit Live function will own the game content sharing to broadcast platform, on the one hand, potentially increasing the exposure of the product, the other is to promote the interaction and communication of the game player to help Mobile Games products, build their own sub cultural ecology. However, the traditional hand travel vendors, whether to understand the details of live technology? Hand travel client must support ReplayKit Extensio.相关的主题文章:

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