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Affordable Porsche Land Rover you can afford it? Lead: now, with many luxury brands in the domestic prices continue to drop, always someone said is what to buy the car of the joint venture, Porsche and tigers are so cheap. For cheap luxury cars, there will be two kinds of voices, one is can not afford to afford to buy, and the other is affordable afford to raise the. For these two statements, we believe that if the economic strength to buy Land Rover, Porsche and there is no surplus, it is prudent for the wonderful. Why do you say that the specific situation, we may wish to analyze. (source: luxury car vision) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Daily maintenance costs higher first natural daily maintenance costs, we have to Land Rover and Porsche in the domestic hot and the price is relatively cheap in the range rover aurora and MACAN for example, look at these two cars to raise much money. Land Rover, Porsche car maintenance costs than the general cost is slightly higher for the first Land Rover Range Rover Aurora provides 3 years 100 thousand km vehicle warranty basic maintenance manual, the official maintenance cycle is 12000 km. The first mileage is 12000 km, it should be noted that Land Rover does not give customers a maintenance service. However, according to some brands of practice, Land Rover in the domestic 4S shop recommended maintenance cycle of 5000 km, a large insurance interval of twenty thousand km. Let’s look at Porsche Macan, provides 3 years or 100 thousand km vehicle warranty period for the official Porsche Macan owners (the first condition for quasi official), the maintenance manual maintenance cycle is 10000 km or 12 months. It is worth noting that this is the official price maintenance recommended 10000 km interval based on price, price and fuel additives have not taken into account each time maintenance required for the. If the maintenance of the 4S shop, they will recommend that the air filter and air conditioning filters and other maintenance cycle shortened by the official time interval. In addition, unlike the Land Rover Range Rover aurora is Porsche Macan, every gas will require additional add a bottle of fuel additive. If the 4S store cycle view, Macan will increase maintenance costs only one step, spend maintaining cost is not lower than the range rover aurora. Only the lowest standard, Porsche Land Rover maintenance fee is not outrageous price from the perspective of maintenance, the range rover aurora and Macan prices are not particularly high, seems to be in line with "affordable to afford" logic. However, the maintenance costs, is based on the lowest standard to count, if you consider the increase in maintenance projects or with more advanced maintenance parts of the price will be further enhanced. The more unbearable is the spare parts and maintenance costs if the year tens of thousands of the maintenance costs is acceptable, so with the increase of car time, many parts are more or less there will be other issues of aging, the replacement of the imperative. And Porsche and Land Rover luxury brand accessories price is a bit unbearable. Maintenance, replacement parts expensive e相关的主题文章:

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