Academy of Agricultural Sciences Wei Jingliang responded report the Ministry of agriculture survey g

Academy of Agricultural Sciences Wei Jingliang responded report: the Ministry of agriculture survey group 20 will be stationed verification Academy Wei Jingliang responded report: the Ministry of agriculture survey group of 20 will be stationed in the verification of September 19th, inspection and certification industry turmoil, a letter issued by the animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing, Dr. JuBaoXin broke in the inspection and certification industry in the reform is, especially it is also related to a state of GMO detection center. In fact, my heart is in order to report the test data center test fraud, but there is no problem with equipment and experimental means." Now has dropped out of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary doctoral Wei Jingliang in the first financial daily interview, said. Wei Jingliang reports Wei Jingliang class of 2012 graduate of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing to study the animal husbandry and Veterinary Animal Genetics and breeding, 2014 to Shuoboliandu, major in animal genetic engineering and cell engineering, the tutor is Professor Li Kui. The laboratory where the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified animals and feed safety supervision and testing center, there is a title, is the national transgenic testing center. In Wei Jingliang’s description, the beginning of the fraud is due to be carried out in July this year, the three year of the center for the detection of genetically modified files. His mentor, without his consent, allowed him to serve as the "archivist" of the GMO testing center, responsible for the production and management of all the files. "But because the usual routine laboratory research task, so on all process files need transgenic testing center in the daily work are not recorded, including all quality control, environmental records, inspection and calibration of instrument, standard materials and reagents used for the use of records, according to the annual supervision work record." Wei Jingliang said. In the face of the blank, it is really difficult for Wei Jingliang. But he also heard that before a three year inspection was so false. So he began to resist, do not want to play the "archivist", but his mentor did not allow. "From the end of 2011 after the last inspection records, will be more than a month after the completion. The practice of making fake files for inspection has been carried out more than once, and so did three years ago. Such blatant fraud, nearly thirty people present, including the study of many researchers, associate professor, assistant researcher, the laboratory and related laboratory, not a problem, only the individual teacher busy with work at the meeting for the reason to shirk the responsibility of a class supervisor." Wei Jingliang said. In the past two months, Wei Jingliang began to fill the missing files for the past three years, but also the entire staff, quality control, technical and equipment files. "All of the process records that should be responsible for the quality control of the testing activities are created in a short period of time. Among them, the equipment should be regularly carried out maintenance and calibration, are one-time completion. All of the standard materials used, the detection kit and other records are required to fill out. On the compilation of quality system documents相关的主题文章:

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