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A new opportunity for the cultural exchange between China and Egypt — the Chinese civilization and the Egyptian civilization are the two great civilizations. The 2016 year of the Chinese culture has created a very good communication and interaction opportunity for the two civilizations." The famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass? Recently in an interview with this reporter said. He would like to see the two countries in the cultural year as an opportunity to promote bilateral exchanges to a new level. As one of the world’s most famous Egyptian archaeologists, Hawass is known as "the man who knows Pyramid best". In 2002, he led the sensation of the world’s excavation of the Pyramid gate of the world’s live broadcast, the use of robots into the interior of Pyramid can not pass through the dense road. In 2006, he was selected as the world’s 100 most influential people by the time magazine". 2011, Hawass also served as Minister of antiquities. "During the cultural year, the two countries exchange cultural groups, held a news conference and lecture. This will lead to a great interest in the culture of the two countries, the formation of the topic, to attract them to the other country to travel. Face to face contact and understanding can help to convey the charm of culture to everyone." Hawass said, have a brilliant future in Egypt culture, he is looking forward to the cultural achievements can be "translated" to each other, the work carried out. In literature translation, to eliminate language barriers, cultural exchanges are carried out, and through cultural exchanges to promote bilateral trade and political cooperation. When it comes to archaeology, Hawass is particularly excited. "In joint archaeology, the two countries have a very broad space for cooperation." Hawass said that the 2016 Sino Russian cultural cooperation between the two countries provides an excellent opportunity. In the recovery of cultural relics, Egypt and China have a lot of representative important cultural relics overseas, both sides can learn from each other in this regard, to provide support to each other. He pointed out that the two countries have great potential for cooperation in the field of high-tech archaeology. "I believe there will be greater development in the future of Sino Russian cooperation". Hawass hopes to bring its team in the field of underwater archaeology, site protection, museum management and curatorial experience to China, and look forward to this year to China for archaeological and cultural exchanges. Hawass praised the two countries hot cultural exchange activities, especially about the recently Prince Ramesses II and Ramesses II of Egypt Mummy, the statue of relief pillars about 270 pieces of precious cultural relics in Xiamen Chinese exhibition, Hawass is happy: "these relics of Egypt is not only the pride of human civilization is also the pride of this exhibition help to highlight the cultural value of Egypt, the propaganda effect is immeasurable." Hawass said: "the two countries have a common characteristic, that is all have unique civilization of other countries in the world do not have, we found in archaeological enough to shake the world, this is a huge driving force of tourism." "Tourism is the locomotive of the Egyptian economy." Hawass said, thanks to jointly promote China both sides, more and more China tourists are willing to travel to Egypt, Egypt feel the local customs and practices, Egypt’s economic recovery is significant. XI)相关的主题文章:

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