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Pets The one thing that with guarantee healthy and vibrant fish above everything else is crystal clear water in your aquarium. And the only pierce of equipment capable of producing the pristine environment is the fish tank filter. It is the most vital tool for every fish enthusiast and together with a fish tank heater, forms a perfect system that is capable of providing your fish with a similar environment from where they originated. The undergravel filter has been a popular filter for a while now. Though it is considered a beginner’s filtration system, it is capable of efficient and reliable filtration .parable to any other filter. In this filter, water is drawn through a gravel layer which sits on an elevated platform, away from the bottom of the aquarium. This divides the unclean water which the fish swim in from a layer of filtered water below the gravel, all the while with the gravel acting as the filter. Mechanical filtration is performed when large debris, excess food and fish waste is trapped by the gravel. Biological filtration is done by beneficial bacteria that colonizes the gravel.Here are 8 reasons why I would re.mend the undergravel filter as an option for your fish tank. Reason #1: Temperature Regulation Water is sucked from the bottom of the fish tank and then pumped back in from the top. This circulates the water round the clock as long as the filter in turned on. This circulation of water causes every area of the fish tank to experience the same temperature. Because of this water circulation, every part of the aquarium maintains the same temperature. Additionally, you could also place your aquarium filter beside the lift tubes, which will warm the water as it rises and provide excellent temperature balance in your fish tank. Reason #2: Water Aeration The filtered water that is lifted up from the bottom of the tank through the lift tubes .e in contact with the outside atmosphere. This aerates the water even better than the bubbles in the tank could. Reason #3: A Good Mechanical Filter In this system it is the gravel that acts as the filter media, trapping large debris, food waste and excess perfectly. Reason #4: Excellent Biological Filtration Once the gravel has been given time to age, usually within six weeks without help, beneficial bacteria will colonizes the gravel. These microscopic helpers break down organic matter into nitrate which can easily be removed with regular water changes. Your aquarium plants will also benefit from the nitrate that is produced. Reason #5: Chemical Filtration Capable This is one factor ignored by most people, that undergravel filters are capable of being fit with cartridges that perform chemical filtration. These cartridges usually contain activated carbon that removes heavy metal, .plex proteins, odor, color and even chemical treatment. Reason #6: Large Filter Capacity Because it is the entire area of gravel at the base of the tank that actually filters the water, undergravel filters can hold the most waste before it needs to be cleaned. Reason #7: Simple To Upkeep Eventually, a layer of muck will build up over the top of the gravel and this layer of muck needs to be cleaned or it will choke the filtration system. How do you clean it? By simply vacuuming up the muck. A simple method of doing this is by using a rubber hose as a siphon to suck up the muck when you plan to do your water change. Reason #8: Cheap Isn’t that really the main draw for most of us? The entire undergravel filter set is generally cheap .pared to other filtration system. Because the gravel is the filter media, it never needs to be changed. The parts are quite sturdy but if you need to replace a part, they are cheap. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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