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Investing While mutual funds have be.e a buzzword among investors, especially getting attention amongst new investors, Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd thinks it is necessary to understand the term and its concept before going ahead and making any investment decision. Mutual funds are essentially collective investments in a range of stocks, shares, bonds and other securities that are created using a pool of money gathered from a group of investors. This pool of money is administered by an administrator who ensures that the money can only go to and be used as prescribed by its prospectus, which is a guide of conditions the fund must adhere to. Then the monies are managed or traded by a fund manager who is in charge of allocating the monies into assets which may produce either interest in.e, dividends or capital gains from the respective financial instruments. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd. explains that a fund manager is not at liberty to buy any stock that he feels like. He needs to follow a pre-decided structure that is detailed in the prospectus, so that investors know exactly how their monies are being allocated. However, Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd. says that since a fund manager is a qualified professional, he should know how to diversify the portfolio and spread its risk, so that your investment will achieve its desired returns. He also makes sure to the spread the risk in a way that it reduces the chances of you losing any money, even if a particular asset is not performing well. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd. mentions that mutual funds are available in different forms. These types are inclusive of stocks, money market funds, bond funds, balanced funds as well as specialist sector funds. With an appropriate mix of the above, depending on your risk tolerance levels, Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd. says that you can create a diversified portfolio that allows you to make the most of a booming economy and also keep you fairly well protected from downside risk. Richard Cayne is Managing Director of the Meyer Group of .panies and based in Bangkok Thailand at Meyer International Ltd. The Meyer Group has ties with over 200 global financial institutions and is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings a London UK Listed financial holding .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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