The vending machine sells sister juice in Japan after the teenager with a tadpole do noodles-wegener肉芽肿

After the vending machine selling sister juice, Japanese young tadpoles do Udon face rot of the brain cave invincible, before the penguins mother to everyone Amway a cartoon, said the vending machine personification, a boy every day to drink her fresh hot "sister juice."". Now there is a 18 game ban BL "my Udon" (formerly known as: "on the of’s: will u ~ hyperplastic") is actually composed of beautiful youth use "elephant" to produce the Udon surface, so hardcore games, you can accept? "My Udon face" is actually a free game that appeared on Comic Market 88 last summer. It was created and cooled by the painter. The actor is a worker, eat a bowl of fried chicken and memorable Udon after he found in rice and vegetable roll, a dark room, lights a look full of strange feeling. At this time, a beautiful boy appeared, and the young boy asked him, "is my Udon noodles delicious?"". Worried about the hero can not understand, the young boy and red face asked: "do you think my Udon noodles taste like?"" After that, the American boy said, "my face is Udon’s face."." Because the fear of the hero does not believe him, the young boy even take off the fat, personally demonstrated the production process of Udon face. In the past, the BL plot, mostly in Chrysanthemum put grapes, Baili and other foods add flavor, but now the birth of such a shame Udon face, really someone will eat it? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works.

继自动贩售机卖妹汁后 日本少年用小蝌蚪做乌冬面宅腐的脑洞无敌大,前段时间企鹅娘向大家安利了一部漫画,说的是自动贩售机拟人化后,某男生每天都会去喝她新鲜滚烫的“妹汁”。现在有一部18禁BL游戏《我的乌冬面》(原名:《ぼくのうどんはじめました》)竟然是由美少年利用“大象”来生产乌冬面,这么重口味的游戏,你能接受吗?《我的乌冬面》其实是在去年夏天举行的Comic Market 88上出现的免费游戏,由绘师凉和创作,最近又火起来了。男主角是个上班族,在吃完一碗令人难忘的炸鸡乌冬面和饭团后,他发现自己身处一个黑暗的房间,开灯一看充满了诡谲感。这时候有一个美少年出现了,美少年问他:“我的乌冬面好吃吗?”。担心男主角听不懂,美少年又红着脸问:“你觉得我的乌冬面味道怎么样?”之后,美少年很直接地说:“我的●液是乌冬面。”因为担心男主角不相信他,美少年竟然脱下胖次,亲身示范出乌冬面的生产流程。以往的BL剧情,多数是在菊花里放入葡萄、百利滋等食物增添风味,现在却诞生了这么羞耻的乌冬面,话说真的会有人吃吗?点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品。相关的主题文章:

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