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Air conditioning industry into the new normal, why more and more inventory? Author: Chen Wei experienced a whole year of markdowns, air conditioning industry is still unable to get rid of the industry high inventory status. From the just released "2016 Chinese air conditioning industry white paper" can be seen as 2015 at the end of the year, air-conditioning industry inventory has exceeded the total of 4000 million units, compared with the industry inventory at the end of 2014 is. This means that the air conditioning industry to go through inventory strategy in 2015, did not play an effective role, and destocking has become the industry’s veritable new normal. Inventory is the key word for air-conditioning industry in recent years. From the Mid Autumn Festival in 2014, affected by the cool summer and the real estate market downturn and other factors, air-conditioning market decline. Then the United States, including GREE, Zhi higher industry leading enterprises, the entire air-conditioning industry launched a series of promotional price, through this original strategy to open the market demand, to ease the pressure on the stock industry. Thus the birth of the industry throughout the year 2015 promotions. However, it did not go forward with great strength and vigour promotion strategies play an effective role. Data show that in 2015, China’s air conditioner market overall retail sales of 137 billion 400 million yuan, down 4.8%; the overall retail sales of 41 million 700 thousand units, down 1.1%. Among them, the down line market is particularly evident, the offline market size of about 123 billion 500 million yuan, down 8.2%. In fact, in 2015, the major air-conditioning manufacturers in the production capacity has been lower than in 2014, but the market demand is sluggish, so that the stock is still high. In the final analysis, how to release the market demand is the key to breaking the high inventory of the industry. With the progress of the country, the national consumption level, the upgrading of the industrial structure is undoubtedly a good way to release the whole industry demand, and high-end, intelligent is a panacea for the upgrading of the industrial structure of air conditioner. Data show that in 2015 the overall decline in air conditioning, but the smart air-conditioning market contrarian growth, sales grew 173.5%, sales rose 98.44%, CHIGO air-conditioning more is the use of high-end, intelligent strategy, in the last year to achieve a "sixth increase in export". In the near future, CHIGO also launched "spring beating war grab CHIGO" activities, pushing the "smart king" series of new products Huimin, intelligent air-conditioning industry first to launch a new round of market offensive. In fact, now the air-conditioning giant also have to embrace the intelligence, such as GREE, the United States work together to push the mobile phone millet, Chigo Air Conditioning and build a cloud data center management platform. CHIGO group chairman of the board of directors and President Li Xinghao had talked about communication with the author, by 2020, to make billions of CHIGO enterprises, and confidence is from CHIGO road quick step in the transformation of high-end, intelligent. In the overall economic environment downturn, will usher in the real exams China air-conditioning industry in the face of adversity in 2016, low-end, low price products will gradually exit, intelligent and personalized service, focus on high-end products will become the future development of the main trend, but also the key to the realization of the air conditioning industry inventory.

空调业进入新常态 库存为何越去越多?   作者:陈维   经历整整一年的降价促销,空调业依旧未能摆脱行业高库存现状。从刚刚发布的《2016年中国空调行业白皮书》可以看到,截至2015年末,空调行业库存总量已突破4000万台,行业库存较2014年末相当。这意味着,贯穿2015年的空调业去库存策略,并未起到有效作用,而去库存也成为行业名副其实的新常态。   库存是近年来空调行业不愿提及的关键词。从2014年中秋节开始,受凉夏和房地产市场低迷等因素影响,空调市场出现了下滑。随即包括格力、美的、志高等行业龙头企业在内,整个空调行业发动了一连串的降价促销,试图通过这一原始策略来打开市场需求,缓解行业库存压力。从而诞生了贯穿2015年全年的行业促销。   然而,事与愿违,浩浩荡荡的促销策略并未起到有效作用。数据显示,2015年中国空调市场整体零售额为1374亿元,同比下降4.8%;整体零售销量为4170万台,同比下滑1.1%。其中,线下市场下降尤为明显,线下市场规模约为1235亿元,同比下滑8.2%。   其实,在2015年,各大空调厂商在产能方面已较2014年有所下调,但是市场需求的不振使得库存依旧居高不下。归根结底,如何释放市场需求才是当下打破行业高库存的关键所在。   伴随着国家进步、国民消费水平的提高,产业结构升级无疑是全行业释放需求的良方,而高端、智能化则是实现空调产业结构升级的一剂良药。数据显示,2015年空调整体下滑,但智能空调市场却逆势增长,销售量同比增长173.5%、销售额同比增长98.44%,志高空调更是借助高端、智能策略,在去年实现了出口“六连增”。就在近期,志高还推出“春擂大战抢志高”活动,力推“智能王”系列新品惠民,率先发动新一轮的空调业智能化市场攻势。   其实,如今空调巨头也都在纷纷拥抱智能,如格力推手机、美的携手小米、志高搭建云空调大数据中心和管理平台。志高集团董事局主席兼总裁李兴浩此前在与笔者沟通中便谈及,到2020年,要把志高做成千亿企业,而信心正是来自志高在高端化、智能化转型道路上快人一步。   在整体经济环境不景气的情况下,逆境中的中国空调业在2016年将迎来真正大考,低端、低性价比产品将逐渐出局,个性化、智能化、注重服务性的高端化产品将成为未来发展主趋势,同时也是空调行业实现去库存的关键所在。相关的主题文章:

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