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Fashionable and serious married once – Sohu, it is said that in this world from the two people meet to get married only 285000 of the 285000 rare opportunity more rare is that only the people know you love you that you want to use "serious" to protect everyone wanted to find her own other half want to find people devoted all their earnest video by forever: | length: 01 minutes and 01 seconds | love to light as a cloud from an oblivious stumbled but this inadvertently came to life in a relationship is engraved deeply as heavy as supremely Qingshi force until dizzy sweet still want a lifetime waiting for each other after a sacred oath of love is the best response when he got down on one knee when she said, "I would like to "This sentence is not just a simple love but waiting for life and sustenance of sparkling diamonds mopping white wedding and dreamy sacred hall all the blessings took my hand to the other side of the red carpet this is probably happy every girl had the illusion of > > > > their wedding, Kunling; & Jay Chou’s wedding location in castle Howard wedding music is Jay Chou himself wrote a song Kunling bride wedding dress is European style retro hand set uniform from every corner of the site layout all invitations to touching scenes have condensed the love factor Ruby Lin & Wallace Huo their wedding venue in Bali Island Cliff Hotel on the altar all transparent and frame like a waterfall The shower of Wisteria main color is a fantasy pink decoration from the wedding scene set to work on the outside of the secret of Huo wedding every write "serious" and "hard" > > > > our wedding: marriage is a serious thing it is the love of people all the love together concentrated in both warm and touching or gorgeous grand great in strength and impetus of every simple low-key people will love with all the hard and the best side in the love of the moment, the wedding ceremony 1 seriously do not love the same knot wedding studio did not want to go the traditional route on the wind jump out of the traditional mode of natural scenery by sunset sky sea and Lake Forest desert is the aesthetic of the wedding and the background With unique personal vision and respect their feelings in front of the camera to the photographer’s photographer coy pointing as follow their feelings with the real state of make the most natural Wedding Wedding 2 seriously every girl had the wedding fantasy the silhouette is love I have a record like sweet silhouette the dress will be able to see the happy ending!相关的主题文章:

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