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Meimei acne have a childhood, face is red and red and white, grew up face protein for the beauty of the people, the face acne is absolutely intolerable, but you know those long in the face of acne is really false? Different India need to use different methods can effectively eliminate the oh. 1 true scar if acne inflammation is too heavy, or a large amount of collagen in the dermis tissue loss, it may be because of the collapse of the real skin and left a concave or protruding scar. Once the hole is generated, it will not disappear automatically. That is, we often say pox pit. This pit is very difficult to cure, one of which is a large amount of collagen to dilute the way! 2 false – scar red scar red spot is because the original long acne department, cell inflammation caused by vasodilation. Acne go after the consumer will not immediately shrink blood vessels and go on to form a red dot. It will be more red in skin temperature rise or movement, is what we have always said india. Countermeasures: This is not a red scar, will gradually recede within 4 to 6 months. As long as do a good job of daily skin care, and select some targeted whitening replenishment products can be. 3 false scar – post inflammatory pigmentation pigmentation after inflammation will make the long red blain to leave the place dirty black color. Slowly it will form a stain, this type of stain and pigmentation time will naturally disappear for a long time, so it is generally temporary false scar. Countermeasure: the color they will slowly disappear, if you want to speed up the speed for desalination, smallpox and India to add some collagen or acne repair products, you will be able to. Go blain tips [pearl powder + egg print method] pearl powder and egg white, is known as the white goods, mixing them, not only will be more smooth skin, acne marks can be gradually fades. Ps: this mask is not suitable for the dry skin of the woman to use, because the pearl powder and egg white is not enough moisture, although can be anti acne and India effect, but the feeling after the face is very dry, there will be excessive nutrition of some fat! [] lavender essential oil of lavender essential oil from lavender essential oil is the name of refined and lavender have! Qingrejiedu and Douyin effect, promote regeneration of damaged tissue and restore skin function. So the pile of anti acne and India also lavender essential oil had no general effect! The lavender essential oil can be directly applied in India, once a day, not too much. [method] India overnight tea tea to India is a very effective way to acne, but overnight tea will be more effective! Every night after cleansing, overnight tea water on the face, massage after the wash, acne is not only can become shallow, can let the skin become white. Click to join the Guangdong provincial health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, it is bad for you oh相关的主题文章:

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