Yang Yuanqing Lenovo will integrate the unified mobile phone brand to moto 追踪309

Yang Yuanqing: Phoenix Technology News News November 3rd Lenovo will integrate mobile phone brand unified to Moto’s, after Lenovo announced today in the 2017 fiscal year second quarter earnings, Yang Yuanqing internal letter said: Lenovo Mobile Co vice president Chen Xudong will no longer be responsible for mobile services, and is responsible for Lenovo server business. Lenovo senior vice president Qiao Jian will take over Lenovo Mobile business. In the subsequent media communication conference, Lenovo CEO and chairman Yang Yuanqing announced that the future will further simplify the lenovo mobile phone brand, the future of Lenovo Mobile business will be unified use of Moto mobile phone brand. Yang Yuanqing said that the future of Lenovo’s mobile phone business will be divided into five product lines, the future of our mobile business is only one brand Moto, we want to integrate resources, will not do a waste of resources." Yang Yuanqing also shared Moto Z with the latest fighting, he said Moto’s new flagship mobile phone Moto Z obtained great progress, the current shipments have exceeded 1 million units, in Latin America and America especially welcome. In Mexico, Moto Z has more than iPhone, becoming the local AT& T’s largest partner." In addition, the selection of Qiao Jian as president of the mobile business, Yang Yuanqing also said that it is fancy over the years of experience in marketing in the field of marketing, but also he has a better understanding of the Chinese market for the Chinese market, but also for the Chinese market in the past years. As Lenovo Mobile Co President Chen Xudong, once said that Lenovo Mobile will be divided into three brands, namely Moto and ZUK, Le lemon, and that will achieve profitability in three years. Currently Chen Xudong leave, the future of the United Moto brand courage fell on the body of Qiao Jian.相关的主题文章:

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