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Luoyang eat Raiders fresh baked! Take this worry is not to eat the old flavor – Sohu and eleven to go out to play to enjoy the ancient capital of Luoyang is a good choice for the White Horse Temple Longmen Grottoes had to visit Luoyang when the place is not to be missed with savory delicacy to eat to eat away! So we come "water table" halal at a trip to Luoyang is not I feel sorry draught for decades to do halal worth a try water table of the continuation of the traditional water table hot and sour taste but mainly according to halal custom improved selection of fresh beef and mutton to make the dishes look attractive golden yellow coke croquettes beef meatball soup after soaking still crisp fire steamed two hours a thick taste mellow beef entrance with noodle in addition, soup meat stewed haggis these eight pots of sixteen bowls to complete the name: incense chowhound hi sensitive water table (Muslim) address: Luoyang Ma Po Cun Mu Chun Lu consumption: 40 yuan per capita "from" at a pot from pork braised pork can be traced back to 100 years ago pepper, star anise and other spices made secret material bag filled with the rich soup The pot boiling pot rolled pork pork stomach different parts of E. pig’s trotters wok time is not the same cut over to the braised pork stewed soup flavor tastes fragrant moisturizing soft hot meat flavor especially crisp onion braised pork greasy solution mixed together in a bite in the heat Clay oven rolls to bowl a good egg Decoction Name: Address: Luoyang City District from Lurou peony Avenue and the northwest corner of the street door thick set: 20-30 yuan per capita consumption of "Sichuan" at a small Hot pot capsicum bullet and various spices made of boiled Chili oil high temperature aluminum honeycomb briquette is the middle Hot pot can make Hot pot kept boiling state in the pot code on the potatoes, tofu skin soup stewed vegetable dish with a pot on the duck or broth after enticing little bowel oil sauce is good delicious hot pot Hot pot to slobber Duck sweet noodle broth DC texture mellow but not greasy spicy pork crisp delicious vegetable dish spicy and crisp, the entrance of the hemp to a bottle of blue waters more enjoyable Name: Liao third small Sichuan Hot pot address: Luoyang City, shallow wells road 500 meters south Lichun consumption: 40 yuan per capita "horseshoe Street wonton" at the horseshoe Street wonton originated in the Qing Dynasty started just a bowl of wonton and famous originally from the street stalls are a small wonton store and later after the relocation but has always been a favorite of Luoyang wonton skin slippery bar a road slipped under the belly full of delicious meat stuffing in the mouth and scattered the vinegar and pepper soup tastes soft and spicy appetizer chicken noodle very chewing head down a bowl of the body is relaxed but still not enough then to a cage The characteristics of Tangmian corner before eating it with a little vinegar solution tired and temperature drop a craving of fullness Qi live staple food name: Luoyang horseshoe street address: Luoyang wonton Fan Jie Xiang No. 10 consumption: 7 yuan a bowl of wonton chicken, pork and leek Tangmian angle 7 yuan a cage – director | brother Cheng Li Zi sword man!相关的主题文章:

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