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Blog comment: holiday market watch two indicators Tamana: Festival market index after two month on the line 3 with Yang, the market in September after the two fell Tiaokong, received a small Yin K line, only a 4.43% month amplitude year low, the amount of energy, and in February May in mainland amounts this, in line with the characteristics of the September calendar to buy shares "features, which is before the usual trend. The jade that cannot be used before the standard on the market after the holiday, the need for new analysis. The last trading day before the holiday without too many other factors, has been holding cash at the beginning of the week to evacuate, but at this time there is no fence too many choices, holding the holidays more is already determined, so the final market becomes a long temporary control of the trend, but the holiday market will re on the choice of funds, so that the pupil differences appeared. So, before the holiday market and is completely different, this time should pay attention to two points: first, the volume. Two in total from 7000-8000 billion high, dropped to 400 billion yuan, the near future is below 350 billion yuan, to 300 billion yuan line, the amount of energy shortage, one can understand the holidays for cash, but after the key is the withdrawal of funds did not return to the market, so the amount of ladder type atrophy. On the other hand is the consumption of the market itself, the market hot spots, while a large number of retail investors still high frequency trading, the final assets shrink, but was forced to leave the market. No matter what, investors want to make clear that no amount of weak rebound reliability is low, even can clearly be open market, so the holiday market is the amount of energy, it can be said that because before the holiday effect, if the festival is still so weak, have to face the market reality. Second, hot spots. Although the recent daily hot (such as the PPP concept, iron and steel restructuring, Hengda Department placards etc.), but most of them are for a day trip, Changyang burst out, the next day it opened back, hot quickly switch has indicated that the venue of funds stay will is not strong, is not conducive to sustained rebound. The cautious mood and expectation, which is the market pressure, under the support of the situation, the resistance refers to the gap and support line, refers to the line 120 line, to tell the truth, whether it is resistance or support, are not too strong, just from now the unique environment, holiday and message sensitive window, cause the capital market is very careful, this is why the mid autumn festival market popularity even more than even before the downturn, the market is waiting for the force to break. From this point of view, although before the market downturn, but the factors related to cash, the festival is also promising. His brother to read the tape: a phenomenon worthy of attention before the last trading day, trading volume to a new low, this is a conceivable outcome index is still the continuation of the bland pattern of hot spots is pitiful, eventually the market is up close, the daily close Xiaoyang line, before the market for two days carryover market, how will this market after the holiday? At the close, stock index rose 6.22, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 3004.70 points, up 55.33 points, the gem index closed at 10567.58 points, up 3.72 points, closing.相关的主题文章:

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