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Microsoft is to achieve "zero emissions", signed the largest single wind power technology – Sohu Microsoft Corp on Monday announced on its official website that will sign so far the largest wind power purchase agreement in Wyoming Cheyenne (Cheyenne, Wyoming) provides cloud service data center a total of about 237 megawatts of wind power resources. It is reported that this agreement respectively by Allianz Risk Transfer in Kansas, AG, Bloom, Wind, Wyoming Black Hills, Happy Jack and Silver Sage project. Two a long-term agreement will jointly provide Microsoft with a total of about 237 megawatts of wind power, the Microsoft in the United States reached 500 megawatts of wind power resources, is expected to achieve "zero emissions to make Microsoft data center in Cheyenne". (photo: The Telegraph) in the new planning and Black Hills, Microsoft is located in Wyoming with reserve generators in the data center, will be in the local transmission network to provide power. This greatly avoids the waste of resources caused by the construction of new power stations. Microsoft chairman and CEO Brad? Smith (Brad Smith) said: the agreement announced Microsoft is currently working toward a goal, and strive to achieve the diversity of data center energy. (photo: CNBC) Smith said that this year, Microsoft’s data center has 44% of electricity from wind, solar and water, and in the next two years the proportion will reach 50%. He also said that Microsoft has purchased 20 megawatts of solar energy and the wind power of 285 megawatts. Microsoft’s investment in new energy has always been huge. According to its official introduction, since 2014, Microsoft has begun to fully use renewable energy. Wind power, which has carried out Keechi Wind and Pilot Wind Hill project, and solar energy, Microsoft set up 2288 solar panels in the Silicon Valley park. (image: The Daily Progress) and similar to Microsoft, Google, apple and Amazon have also increased investment in the field of new energy. Title: The Daily from Advertiser # welcomed the attention of the love child norm WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章:

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