Xi Xian, in Zen meditation! – Sohu to eat and drink hit5杨帆

Xi Xian, in Zen meditation! Sohu and is located in Xiamen Island Road No. 1703 Kenfair International Building JFC pinshang center B block five building up one Nga Court, which includes picking up one element and Xi Xian, respected ancient food Road, with fresh calm and stand, each character. Standing in the hall, greeted by a very pure and full of Zen, clean, minimalist design style, let a person have a physical instant light, can quickly to the pleasure of fusion. The dining environment full of multidimensional sense, given a hermit in the city of pure beauty, the whole "cloth, stone, wood" three elements throughout, between layer and layer partition to open, in addition to a piece of open dining area, there are some rooms, carved wooden screens sketched China ancient aesthetic feeling. Inside, the overall presentation of simple decoration, is very fresh and refined, elegant and quiet, seems to have entered a Zen hall. The use of simple elements and frustrated, environment, use a lot of space to bamboo, Zen style reflects the drippings sends. In the space that people always think quietly, Zen is infinite, combined with modern aesthetic concept, create a different visual effect, fresh and natural, simple and elegant. # fruit before meals # # crab dumplings # # crystal Suantang mandarin fish # # refreshing pepper # # olive green pepper pork Thai shrimp # # white ice skin chicken # # drunk heizong geese # # oyster sauce homemade tofu # # Minnan ancient cattle soup # # Chaozhou fried pickles Porkneck # # crab dry fishing fans # # Hawthorn avocado # # black truffle steamed fish # Yuba gentian # durian crisp # # Yoji nectar #相关的主题文章:

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