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ICP net loan platform into a platform for only 5% platforms with qualified Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter trainee reporter Luo Xiaoxia yesterday, the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities released. The "sixth measures" provisions in chapter second filing management, net loan institution shall, after receiving its business license, within 10 working days to carry materials related to the industrial and commercial registration of local financial supervision departments for registration. This means that "ICP (Internet content provider) for the record" and "ICP business license will be related to net loan institutions subsisting two" killer". Insiders believe that, due to the current net loan applications ICP operating license has no clear qualification requirements and process, more than 90% of the platform has no relevant evidence. ICP qualification will give rise to a new round of net loan institutions survival of the fittest, disguised increase industry access threshold. Only 5% qualified platform "measures" clear, network lending information intermediary agencies shall apply the telecommunications business license in accordance with the relevant provisions of the competent department of communications; failing to apply for telecommunications business license, shall not carry out the intermediary business credit information network." Which refers to the telecommunications business license, that is, ICP business license. It is understood that the current net loan institutions to apply for ICP license has not been clear qualification requirements and procedures, most platforms have been on ICP for the record, but the ICP license but because of the higher threshold, leading to approval of the platform are numbered. Third party Ying Chan Consulting provides data show that the signing of 130 net loan platform directly in the depository agreement with the bank, only Lu Jin, pleasant loans, venture capital Hongling, Lego box, 31 ICP farm financial business license; more than 2 thousand platform nationwide normal operation, ratio the ICP license is only 5.73%. In this regard, farm financial co-founder and CEO Yang Shihua said, "ICP approved qualifications, to a certain extent is a recognized authority on the supervision platform operation qualification, the qualification for the entire industry legal compliance operation is very important." ICP license is difficult to apply ICP is divided into ICP filing and ICP business license, is a non-profit and for-profit Internet information services two management standards. The net loan mechanism is a matchmaking based trading platform, to provide information services for the financing of both charge and the business information service platform, is typical, so get ICP license is a platform qualification astepping-stone to success net lending institutions". According to industry analysts, the real difficulty of Internet banking platform to get ICP license is the communication bureau that net loan institutions belong to the financial industry, so the approval requirements of approval issued by the platform of financial regulators, but the financial supervision department issued the approval process has not issued. A number of attempts to theory相关的主题文章:

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