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2016 Chinese automobile brand development forum held Chinese elite start – Beijing think tank, a little information ifeng.com President CEO Li Ya said in September 21, 20 days, sponsored by Phoenix, ifeng.com little information, the Global Automotive Group Co China Trade Promotion Committee, Tsinghua University branch of automobile automobile industry with the Institute of technology strategy guidance in support of the "2016 China automobile brand development forum" held in beijing. "China’s auto industry is the real strength of our national industry." The connotation of ifeng.com president, a CEO Li Ya scene interpretation of the theme of the forum "China world backbone role" Chinese automobile brand focus. He said, "the Phoenix Phoenix car ifeng.com, including marketing advocated by native marketing, and a little information in marketing, also in the new consumption trend, in order to cater to the young group, as the unique power of brand strategy China automobile own contribution." Chinese Changan automobile group president Zhang Baolin speech China Changan automobile group president Zhang Baolin said: "the future of the automotive industry is China period, in Internet plus age, should be more respect for the consumer demand, focus on the development of automobile Chinese opportunities in the next ten years, we must stimulate the inherent vitality of automobile brand. The traditional automobile industry may be new energy vehicles, smart cars, cars and other new power to reshape the recruits." China’s auto brand shoulder heavy responsibilities." Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee automotive branch vice president Zhao Yang keynote speech that Chinese brand has been achieved, is the so-called "meet strong, with China open degree of improvement, we China brand not drowned, but under pressure strong growth." But he also pointed out that we have formed a Chinese power, but this power is not strong enough." He suggested that the Chinese car brand in the promotion of product, brand and technical capabilities while maintaining healthy competition and long-term. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman and general manager Yin Tongyue speak brand up mean? Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman and general manager Yin Tongyue stressed: the brand is the monopoly of the automotive industry resources, the brand will generate profits, will make a virtuous cycle. So, we are going to be able to get rid of the production capacity is not the brand." He said: "the car is good Chinese, Chinese automotive products is trustworthy, the need for more enterprises to do the brand." Brand up and have those opportunities? Zhao Fuquan, President of the automotive industry and Technology Institute of Tsinghua University, proposed two key periods. China’s auto market can be expected, this year’s sales of 26 million units is not a problem, the total demand in 2030 will reach 65 million, of which the private purchase of the car, the car sharing by 25 million." In addition, he also talked about the subversion of the industry is the only time for the rise of Chinese brands, including car sharing, automotive services and smart cars and other subversive areas. State Department counselor researcher, former National Bureau of Statistics chief economist Yao Jingyuan and the famous economist Ma Guangyuan is a forum to bring the macro perspective. Yao Jingyuan’s main forum to speak again.相关的主题文章:

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